This seems intense...do I need to get in shape before I start at skybox?

It's true...our workouts are high-intensity but that does not mean you need to be "in shape" before you begin. Because our class sizes are small, we're able to devote individual attention to you and we'll make sure you ease in and start at your current fitness level. Don't worry, you'll catch up to the veteran "Skyboxers" in no time!

So is it like Crossfit?

No, we are not a Crossfit gym. We don't do a lot of olympic lifting (although we do sometimes) and our workouts are extremely varied from day to day. Our philosophy is "less is more" when it comes to equipment. We use dumbbells, plyo boxes, medicine balls, TRX, and a few other toys but many of our exercises rely on just your own body weight. 

can I try before I buy?

Absolutely! The first class is on us. Just click here to purchase a drop-in, then at checkout, make it free by using promo code: TRYSKYBOX

do you offer a couples rate?

We do offer a couples rate for memberships. Contact us at the studio and ask about our current couples rates. 

what if I refer a friend? anything in it for me?

All members (on monthly Autopay) get an automatic 10% off their monthly dues each month for each person they refer who also purchases a monthly membership (on Autopay) . So for example, if you referred 5 members, your monthly dues would be 50% off for as long as all 5 of your friends remained members.

can I bring my kids with me?

We do allow well behaved children in the studio, however, they must remain off the main gym floor where people are working out. We have a comfy lounge with free Wifi so they can hang out while you work out! We do not offer babysitting services nor are we responsible for your child's safety while they are in our space.

Do you have lockers, showers, and towels?

We have three restrooms, one shower, plenty of lockers, and both workout and shower towels complimentary. 

is class ever cancelled for any reason?

Yes, we reserve the right to cancel classes that do not have at least 3 people signed up. This is not common, but can happen from time to time.

What's the parking situation like?

We have our own parking lot with plenty of spaces.

What if I want to do classes and private training?

We've got some great hybrid memberships that include both private sessions and group classes. Check out our pricing page or call our studio for more info!